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SarahWelcome to Visibly Vibrant, my name is Sarah Thompson and I LOVE anything to do with Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattooing and Skincare. Over the years I have worked hard to become a highly Trained, Accredited and Registered professional specialising in Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattooing, Microblading, Plasma Skin Tightening and Advanced Skincare. I have trained with some of the best in the industry and continue to do so in order to advance on my skills.

From personal experience I know how much of a boost these sort of treatments can have, I get such an incredible feeling when I have helped my clients feel more confident in their own skin, in fact that’s the best part of the job!

I am a very caring, friendly professional and my aim is to to help each individual client, no matter what the reason. I run a successful clinic from my home in Sarisbury Green, it’s a beautiful, private place with lots of parking (and of course a cuppa if needed!) Being home based allows me to spend time with my clients, I never overstretch my diary meaning you will never be rushed, nor will your treatment.

Home based clinic

Please take a look around my website for more information about the services I offer, or feel free to contact me if you would like to book a Complimentary Consultation.


Accredited, Registered and Insured Professional

Permanent Cosmetics



PERMANENT COSMETICS- From bespoke brows to elegant eyeliner to luscious lips… never be without makeup again. Click here for more information

MEDICAL TATTOOING - A procedure that is performed on patients who have suffered from breast cancer and require areola restoration. Clinics will be available from June 2019. Click here for information

SCALP - A hair tattoo that gives the illusion of natural hair follicles, disguises scars from hair transplants and adds density to thinning hair. Clinics available from November 2019. Click here for information

SCAR RELAXATION - Using a digital needling machine to stimulate regeneration of skin cells, making scars much less visible. Click here for information

CORRECTION AND REMOVALS - A procedure that helps to remove or change the colour of old / unwanted pigments. Click here for more information



A bespoke brow service....


When you have tried every pencil, powder and pigment yet still have sparse eyebrows then Microblading is the perfect option, giving you the promise of fuller brows. Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine, producing hairstrokes that mimic natural hairstorkes. Click here for more information


Plasma Elite





Plasma Elite, a new-era skin tightening technology provides a non-surgical solution for lifting, tightening and reducing skin. Plasma Elite works by placing a probe near to the skin which produces a micro-millimeter sized pulse of 'plasmatic lightening' which then superficially evaporates and causes the immediate surrounding area of skin to contract. This contraction tightens this area giving your skin a rejuvenated, natural and more youthful appearance.

This process can reduce excess skin and in particular can tighten the eyelid and under eye area. It's also hugely popular in treating crow's feet, wrinkles around the mouth, smoker's lines, scar tissue and superficial lines commonly seen on the neck, décolletage and body areas. Click here for more information



LOVE the skin you are in....


That flawless, beautiful skin that you have always desired is no longer a dream, but a reality! Here at Visibly Vibrant we will give you that glow you have always wanted, tackling your skincare issues and giving you naturally vibrant skin.

With our expert knowledge and passion, we are able to personalise a skincare solution that effectively deals with a whole array of skin concerns. We use professional formulas that contain ingredients from aesthetic medicine as well as leading active ingredients. Combined with our expert needling applications and innovative technologies such as the unique CryoLed booster, we are able to offer effective solutions that will give gorgeously glowing skin that you will love and others will envy. Take a look at our Skincare treatments for further info.



If you would like to chat about any of the treatments I offer or simply want a little advice please feel free to contact me on 07399 088197.